Greenlight page

2 days agoNicolas
We're proud to announce that Antifector's greenlight page has been just published. Check it out, and vote us!
First Antifector trailer has been released, enjoy!

Today I'm bringing something new.

First Antifector real gameplay, and showing one of the best things: the bombs.

New game incoming!

1 month agoNicolas

We made a small game (here) in December 2016, called Dream Eater, with the help of Daniel.

Now I'm making it a full, polished version, with the help of Raeldor.

Some progress!
Antifector has received great improvements. New GUI including a radar, better effects, arcade point system, bomb's loading bar and much more! Enjoy.

Hello, welcome!

This is Startreming, an indie game developer group. Probably you would like to know more about us, or just know more about our games.

Also, you will be hearing soon about Startreming members!