An indie, fluid game development team from everywhere, born in Argentina.

Know us

A voice from beyond awakens the vast potential within you. As you master these unearthed powers, you will raise the secrets hidden in a temple once thought destroyed.


Started developing in 2014

We started in 2014 as a two man team: Nicolas and Daniel. Our first project was LocoSoccer, which released a year later.


You are an antivirus and you have just been installed. Use your weapons, bombs and move fast to clean the system, because it's full of deadly viruses that will not stop chasing you until they destroy you.

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Insert Paper

You don't know who or where you are. The papers are there and the computers are asking you to insert paper. Your job here is simple: find the documents considering the information required by the reader machines.

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LocoSoccer is a fun, crazy physics-based soccer game where you must do a lot of goals to win cups and accesories for your team. Your objective is easy: win all cups with your goals. How awesome is that?

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We're everyone who helps

We work freelance. Here is everybody who have helped.

Daniel Vásquez

CEO. Co-Founder, Pixel Artist, Programmer, Game Designer, Musician, SFX Designer.

Current main developer.

Santiago Diaz
Santiago Díaz

Game Designer. Level Designer. Producer.

Worked on Antifector, Master Of Earth.

Nico Lobos
Nicolás Lobos

3D Modeler.

Worked on Insert Paper.

Eduard Ros

2D Designer. Pixel Artist. 2D Animator.

Worked on Insert Paper.

Aaron Manca

Music Producer.

Worked on Insert Paper.

Jarrett Carter

Voice Actor.

Worked on Insert Paper.

Stephan Chambers

Voice Actor.

Worked on Insert Paper.

Leandro Agustín Acuña

Supporter. Name creator.

Named Startreming.

Esteban Zuñiga

2D Designer. Artist.

Designed Startreming image.

Jimmy Schafer

Voice Actor.

Worked on Insert Paper.


Argentina and everywhere