A creative company
developing games.

Started in 2014...

We develop games we all want. We're a people-first, team-centered, videogame development company from Argentina.

The ultimate crazy fast-paced physics-based casual football game that you can play everywhere with anybody or against anybody. Now available with co-op & up to 10 players.

A voice from beyond awakens the vast potential within you. As you master these unearthed powers, you will raise the secrets hidden in a temple once thought destroyed.


A fast racing game where gravity-defying machines meet at the finish line to return control to a virtual world. Race through many bending roads, make waves with your machine to gain power, and boost to the end before the timer reaches zero.

The classic, old version from 2014 of LocoSoccer. A crazy physics-based soccer game where you must do a lot of goals to win cups and accesories for your team. Your objective is easy: win all cups with your goals.

You are an antivirus and you have just been installed. Use your weapons, bombs and move fast to clean the system, because it's full of deadly viruses that will not stop chasing you until they destroy you.

You don't know who or where you are. The papers are there and the computers are asking you to insert paper. Your job here is simple: find the documents considering the information required by the reader machines.

Startreming Sidequests

Short games, prototypes or concepts. When the time is right, it happens...


An abandoned, haunting place full of unsettling things seems to have something really nasty going on. You're totally convinced that something is out of hand and you have to find enough evidence to prove it.


Mr. Coleman

You are being interrogated for a crime you haven't done. Or have you?



There is not much to say. I found this random exe in my computer while I was searching through my files.



You go in a long trip to find the legend of a mysterious, hidden and creepy pit that takes you to a very weird place... will you able to find it?



Mendoza & Buenos Aires